Wednesday, 15 June 2011

#35 - Earn free massages


Lots of things are going on at the moment with my training to become a LaStone® Instructor, being in charge of LaStone® France ( and then of course my own massage business. Because so many things are going on, I have less time find new clients.

My goal still is to expand my opening days, but for that I need more regular clients. This is where I need your help with referrals. And I will even "pay" you for your effort.

For every three new paying clients you refer, I will give you one hour massage for free!

Yes, that's right. Get three of your friends to book a massage with me, and you will have a free massage waiting.

Google has added a new calendar function with direct online booking. I would like to ask you to try it out and test it to let me know how convenient it is for you. You need to already have a Google account/calendar, but then it'll also display your own appointments so it's easy to see if you're available.
The online booking can be found at this link.

You can still book as usual if you prefer. This is a try-out to see how it works and as Google develops the product, I intend to incorporate it on my website for easy access and use.

New articles:

Find the mistakes in this stone massage video
I came across this video recently. This is a very educational video demonstrating how you should -not- give a stone massage. This way the video becomes the perfect educational tool and I will certainly keep it in mind when I'm teaching my students.
Take a look at it and see if you can spot the mistakes and unpleasant techniques used. There is even an aspect to the massage that is directly dangerous for the client

Becoming a LaStone® Instructor

I have some very busy and packed three days ahead of me when I leave for England tomorrow. There's so much to learn and know in order to teach LaStone®. Most of it which I of course already know and utilize through giving massages as well as writing these blog-posts. But there are aspects to teaching LaStone® which isn't obvious to a practitioner or an outsider.

Thank you for your time and your help. I greatly appreciate everything you do.


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