Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#34 - Learning to teach LaStone®


Just a week left until I leave for my LaStone® Instructor course in England. The days are spent studying and reading up on everything I know about geothermal therapy, LaStone® and the foundation of my stone massages. It's hard to separate the advanced knowledge I have from the basic.

Thank you to all who has supported me and enabled me to achieve this goal. When I come back, I will be able to teach massage therapists and body-workers LaStone® Original Body and introduce them to the amazing path as a Stone Walker. It's exciting, but also a bit intimidating.

My Wednesday hours will not be affected by the course, and I am available for massages all of June. Book your next appointment now and be sure that your favourite timeslot is available.

Latest articles:

Depression affects the immune system

Research has shown that depression can lead to reduced immune functioning. A recent article in Massage Magazine describes how depressed people are more prone to premature ageing of immune cells, "which could in turn open the door to serious illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and dementia."

Massage eases depression
Massage Magazine has published several articles about how massage can help dealing with depression. Lots of research is being done in the field. Researchers prove many things we as massage therapists intuitively have known for a long while. Now it is backed up by scientific studies and research.

Health considerations in stone massage

Working with temperature and massage always gives rise to considerations and things to be aware of. There are many contraindications in stone massage, though fortunately in most cases they just mean the treatment needs to be adjusted. It is very important that I, as your therapist, am told if you have any medical or health issues.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and share the sunshine with others.

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