Friday, 29 April 2011

#32 - Another course preparation


Again I am preparing for a LaStone® course in England. This time it's not just learning new techniques, but learning how to teach LaStone® therapy. I am an Instructor in Training and will over the summer be able to host my own classes. This of course means that my skills will increase and I gain an even deeper understanding of working with the stones. All to your benefit.

As usual, this means saving up big time. I will be away June 9th to 13th, during which time of course I am not available for a massage. Once again I'm calling out to my trustworthy clients and encouraging that you book an extra massage, or buy a gift certificate to a friend, or a prepaid package, to support me on my journey.

Wednesday the 4th is already filling up. I only have two slots left. One between between 13:30 and 15:30 and another between 17:30 and 18:30. Be quick and book now before it's too late. You can just reply to this mail.

Starting this month, I will be sending out my newsletter every two weeks. Readers have requested a higher frequency so they can easier keep up to date with my articles and news.

Don't forget to "like" my business page on Facebook and help me spread the word. The more fans, the better. This is the fastest way to keep track of news, special offers and articles.

Articles this last month:

A world of different Stone Massages
What is a "Stone Massage"? Essentially it is a bodywork modality including the use of stones one way or another. There are many different expressions of stone-work. I say stone-work, because there are expressions which do not include massage or physical manipulation of tissue.
The typical perception of a stone-treatment here in France includes passive use of the stones - stone placement on ...

Emotional benefits of massage
When we read about what massage is good for, the majority of focus is placed on physical benefits. This is easy to study and research scientifically, as it can be weighted and measured. There is another aspect to massage which is rarely mentioned. The emotional benefits. How massage affects our feelings, our mood and emotional well-being.

Massage and Pregnancy
There is a very persistent myth in the massage community that pregnant women can't receive any massages, especially during their first trimester. Fact is that during a normal pregnancy, where there are no other health concerns, a pregnant woman can without risk receive a normal massage.

About LaStone Therapy by Mary Nelson
Often people ask me what is different about LaStone, “…isn’t it just another stone massage, surely they cannot be that different?” Yet they are different, in many ways; not only is the treatment itself different but the way in which LaStone is taught stands alone from the Other Expressions of Hot Stone Massage.
LaStone methodologies are based in ancient practices of energy work and thermal...

I look forward to seeing you on the massage table.

Thank you for reading and cheers,

Thursday, 7 April 2011

#31 - Happy busy days


I'm sorry this newsletter is somewhat delayed. It's for good reasons though as it means I've simply been too busy to find time to write it! Great news indeed. My days at Lamennais are well booked and I'm right now trying to expand my opening hours. Keep your fingers crossed.

Join my Facebook page for news, updates and workshops - please feel free to invite friends who might be interested.

I am also now on Google Places, which means that if you go to and do a search for Star Keys Massage in Paris you'll find me. I encourage you all to rate me and write a review of my massages, especially the LaStone so other people can read about me. Both French and English are needed.

On April 27th I'm hosting a Healing Hands workshop. Please let me know by the 15th at the latest if you want to attend. You can read about Healing Hands at
The price is 75€ per person. You can sign up by mailing me at or via my Facebook page (under events) at

This is a day where we sit in circle, learn how to smudge, lay the altar and tie prayer ties. We discuss the Hollow Bone concept, speak about healing touch and end the day with your initiation and putting theory into practice. The course is accredited by Stone Medicine LLC (, CE provider #451227-10

New articles this last month:

No one should ever experience a burn in a stone session by Mary Nelson
Following is part of an article Mary Nelson wrote about burns and stone massages. The original article is written for therapists and includes information about the body's reaction to temperature, burns, how to treat them, treatment plans, stone heating etc. Below are parts of the article which I find relevant for the client to read.

Connecting and beginning the massage
I aim to connect properly with every client before I start the massage. I will make sure we're on the same page, that we're both ready for the work to be done and that I'm aware of your needs in this present moment. As I want to tune into your breath, and sense where some of your tensions might be stored, I start the session by pressing my hands against parts of your body while you lie...

The benefits of stone massage by Mary Nelson
I am honoured to feature an article written by Mary Nelson, the founder of LaStone® Therapy. It is always interesting to read the thoughts of someone who've worked in a field for so long.
The benefits of stone massage and how it differs from other massage therapies
By Mary Nelson, founder of LaStone® Therapy
Many people do not understand the benefits of stone massage

Client, speak up and be empowered

There is a very common misconception among people that the massage therapist always knows how deep to massage and what is best. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only the client can fully know if a massage is too painful, a stone too hot or a stretch too intense.
This is why it is very important that you as a client speak up. You have a responsibility to inform your therapist of anything

What makes a good stone massage?
How do you as a client know that you are receiving a good stone massage? For someone who has never tried geothermal therapy before, it can be hard to distinguish between a qualified therapist with an extensive education, and one who've just had a half day course or watched a DVD.
This is just a quick overview so you easily can pinpoint if your stone-practitioner is properly qualified to work..

May the sun shine upon you and bring joy into your life.