Tuesday, 1 March 2011

#30 - Oh blissful spring!


With spring just around the corner it is a perfect time to wake your body from the winter slumber and energize it. Gift yourself a stone massage to get those spring-energies flowing.

I am available at rue Lamennais in the 8th every Wednesday from 9am to 9pm. Don't hesitate to book your next massage, but be quick before someone else grabs your favourite time-slot.

By the end of April I will host a Healing Hands one-day course.
A provincial date is Wednesday the 27th of April at Lamennais. The price will be around 100€ for the day. Class and all material will be in English. Reserve your spot now if you are interested, as space is limited to max 5 participants.

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New articles this last month:

Friendships between client and therapist
A while ago I wrote about the relationship between client and therapist. It is generally recommended that a client/therapist relationship never develops into a friendship, even less a romantic relationship.
I have been asked if friendships can be appropriate, to which I will say, that in the vast majority of the cases, no they are not. In this post I will discuss the main reasons as to why.

Repetitive Strain Injuries
I came across an article on Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) written by Paul Ingraham which addresses some rather interesting facts and fictions. I highly recommend you read the entire article if you wish to understand the topic in depth and the science behind it. Here I will just give a brief summary.

More Sacred Symbols
I have the privilege and honour to work with clients who appreciate and enjoy the Sacred Symbols that are created by the end of each session. I record the symbols and mail the photos to the client. This way they can keep track of their progress and how things change from session to session.
Everybody finds their symbol to be beautiful. It is a touching way to remember the session...

Workshops at Lamennais
At Lamennais I have the opportunity to offer you workshops. Both as an individual and in small groups (2-5 people).
I can teach the following Workshops and Ceremonies:
- Healing Hands Practitioner
- Shamanic Journey
- Medicine Wheel and Altar
- Wellness Rituals
- Drum Making
- Geothermal Safety

I hope you too become revitalized by the sun and coming of spring. This is a wonderful time of year!

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