Monday, 31 January 2011

#29 - Will you be my Valentines stone?


So many positive and amazing things are happening these days that I'm filled with an overwhelming gratitude and excitement!

Having my own space at 5 rue Lamennais truly makes a milestone and I look forward to introducing you to my new space and give you and your loved ones an experience that you'll not soon forget.

To mark the beginning of this incredible adventure, I wish to share some of my love for the stones with you and bring you a special Valentine's offer:

Book a massage or buy a gift certificate before the 14th of February and receive 20% off.

My prices can be found at

Book your massage today!

Mail me at or call/text 06 76 03 00 06

Please feel free to pass this mail around to your friends and loved ones. Who knows, perhaps they'll buy you a gift certificate for Valentine's day!

New articles this last month:

Wellness at Lamennais
Starting today, I offer Advanced LaStone® Therapy, Stone Medicine, Shamanic Journey, Ceremonies and Wellness Workshops at 5 rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris.
This marks a milestone for me as it is my first independent place to work from. Until now I've worked from home, visiting people at their home, or worked freelance for others. Now I finally have the opportunity to truly create my own space...

Advanced LaStone Therapy
An Advanced LaStone® Therapist or Practitioner has a solid grasp of how to work with stones. You must complete at least three full length LaStone® courses, earning 12 points in the internal system.
The first course is always Original Body, which introduces you to the stones and how to work with them. Following courses are advanced and can spread over a wide range of...

Why cold stones
When I first mention to people that I use hot -and- cold stones they usually pause, apprehensive of the cold. Who can blame them. When I say cold, most people instantly think of cold weather, snow, an ice-cube down the back, freezing fingers and a bunch of other uncomfortable things.
A massage is after all meant to be comfortable...

How to treat your massage stones
There are several things you should take into consideration when you take care of your massage stones. Sanitation is the most important factor and must never be neglected. I wrote about general hygiene a while ago, and will here share the official guidelines from the Geothermal Therapy Association. They have worked with Centres for Disease...

May February be filled with love and good things.


Gabrielle said...

Happy Valentine's day to you! I only wish I lived close enough to enjoy one of your wonderful massages!

Pia said...

Thank you so much. I hope you too have a wonderful day. I look forward to when you visit Paris though ;)