Wednesday, 1 December 2010

#26 - Holiday greetings

Greetings all,

A busy time is upon us preparing for and celebrating the holidays, while currently assaulted by cold winter weather as well.

What better way to truly relax than receiving a LaStone treatment where the hot stones warm you to the core and the cold stones energize and revitalise you? Or gift this amazing experience to someone special to you.

We sell gift certificates for LaStone treatments with me for 85€ per hour. You can buy 1h, 1h15 or 1h30. Just call 01 53 10 86 00 and speak to Samantha, mentioning that you've heard of élément through me. She speaks both English and French.

My hours at élément in the 6th are:
Monday and Thursday: 10-21
Tuesday: 10-17
Friday and Saturday: 10-16

I am available until the 23rd of December and back again the 4th of January.

Articles this last month:

Bury the Soul
Deeply relaxing and comforting. When you take Castle Building and Cocooning back to their roots you begin at Bury the Soul. Bury the Soul is an old Native tradition, where the recipient is literally buried in stones and rocks. Under ceremony and with several people participating in the stone placement.
This Sacred Stroke offers grounding and balancing...

Shamanic Journey
A Shamanic Journey is a form of guided meditation, using Native American traditions and methods. The experience can be rather powerful, and is usually very enlightening and a stepping stone for personal growth and healing.
My own experience taught me new things about myself and also confirmed things I already had an idea about. It also reminded me to just trust myself.

What stone heater and why
You might ask if it really matters what stone heater you invest in when you do stone massages. There are many heaters out there and it's tempting to buy one that's cheap, especially as stones can be rather expensive as well.
My answer is, yes, it matters and it matters a lot.
I was fortunate that I started working with a really good heater specially designed for my use...

Medicine Wheel
Each tribe and even clan have their own version of the Medicine Wheel and how to lay an Alter and tie Prayer Ties. It doesn't really matter which version you follow or if you even make up your own. The Medicine Wheel is used as a focus for prayer and intention, a symbol for communicating with Creator or just to clear your own mind and meditate.
What I share below is from the teachings of Jenny Ray.

Have a great midwinter celebration, with happiness and light.

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