Friday, 1 October 2010

#24 - Stay tuned

I had 8 wonderful and amazing days in England learning new skills - both with the stones and without stones. I'm full of inspiration and ideas for workshops and new ways to give you a great time. I can't wait to share it all with you.

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New articles this last month:

8 amazing days with Jenny Ray
My recent trip to England and the 8 days with Jenny Ray proved to be all that I had predicted and much, much more. Words are simply not enough to describe it all, and it would take months to recount everything. The courses were an important step on my Spiritual Journey, and now I'm also certified as an Advanced LaStone Therapist.

Sacred Symbols
A Sacred Symbol is a lay-out of the stones used during a treatment. When the stones are taken off the client, they're placed on the floor in a random pattern by the therapist. The therapist doesn't think or plan where to place the stones, but instead let her intuition, feelings and the stones guide her to the right placements. Creating Sacred Symbols is an ancient Native American practice...

Stressed - what to do?
Trouble sleeping lately? Grouchy and aggressive? Short-tempered and lacking patience? Tired and worn out? Sore shoulders and headaches? If so, you might very well be experiencing stress. Stress has become a predominant factor in our lives. Luckily it is fairly easy to manage stress once we are aware of the symptoms and know the steps to take.

More LaStone courses
Today I am again travelling to England and Chelmsford to attend several courses with Jenny Ray. This time it will be eight days of courses, four days with LaStone Sacred Strokes, one day Drum Making, one day Shamanic Journey, and two days with Healing Hands - learning and learning to teach others in Healing Hands.

Love Massage
This is my last post in the "Eat, Love, Pray" massage series I have written over the last few weeks. Massage and love go hand in hand. I am not talking about physical or familial love, the type of love you have for a spouse or child, but rather about a more universal love. Other ways to describe this love are compassion, caring, nurturing, comfort, relaxation...

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