Wednesday, 1 September 2010

#23 - Great news for the Rentrée

Greetings All,

This is a month of great news and a few changes, which I'm happy to announce to you all.

First of all, thank you so much for everybody who showed me support and booked an extra massage to help me reach my goal of attending my third LaStone® course in England. I'm leaving in a week and am greatly looking forward to my 8 days with Jenny Ray and her teachings. I cannot wait to share with you all my new skills and knowledge.

Secondly, I am now working with the Wellness Centre élément to provide massages and LaStone® treatments in the 6th. This means that you don't need to go to Noisy le Grand for a LaStone® treatment any longer, and that you can direct friends and acquaintances to the 6th. I am still available for home visits  and do receive clients in Noisy le Grand, as usual.

16 rue de la Grande Chaumière
75006 Paris
01 53 10 86 00
Just next to M°4 Vavin
And close to M°6 Raspail, M°12 Notre-Dame-des-Champs, and RER B Port Royal

My times are flexible and depends on bookings. So give them a ring and inquire, both English and French is spoken. If you want to recommend me to others, there's a special new client offer: 
Two one hour Massage Créatif for the price of one massage.

Finally, the menu on the website has been redesigned and I now have a French version as well. If you visit it with your smart-phone, there's even a small screen friendly version.

New articles this month:

Pray Massage
The last two weeks I've been writing about massage from an "Eat, Pray, Love" point of view. Today I want to cover the spiritual and mental aspect. By spiritual I don't mean religious, but rather a way of thinking that searches for awareness, personal growth and development, becoming a better person and understanding one's own role in life, sometimes including religious...

Eat Massage
Last week I wrote "Eat, Love & Pray Massage", an article inspired by the book Eat, Pray, Love and how that relates to massage. This week I would like speak about the importance of senses. Massage awakens the senses. The physical aspect of massage, especially wellness and holistic  massage, is not only about "fixing what's wrong", but just as much about  awakening your senses to touch...

Eat, Pray & Love Massage
Like so many others, I read "Eat, Pray, Love" and was touched by the story and the author's insights and discoveries. Now as the hype, around the book and coming film, is growing, I began thinking about it again and in my mind the word massage kept popping up. A clear request from my subconsciousness to look at the messages from the book  and relate them to massage.

Massage at home?
There are reasons to choose to have a massage in your own home, and there are reasons not to. When it comes to it, it all comes down to your temperament and what you value important in regards to relaxation. If you're in doubt if having a massage at home is for you, look at the list below and see what weighs the most in your mind.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope you all have a wonderful rentrée and a good start on the new semester.


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