Monday, 2 August 2010

#22 - Holiday Specials

Finally, the holidays are over us and most are away on vacation. For those of you who're staying home this summer, I have good news. I am in Paris all summer and available for bookings. To make things a bit nicer for those of you staying home, I have a special August holiday offer.

90€ for one hour Massage Créatif in your home.
and just 1€ per additional minute.

Coming to me in Noisy le Grand will just cost you 1€ per minute of massage!

Don't forget that you can Save 25% on your first LaStone® treatment. Try out the LaStone® Original Body, Creative Stone, Cocooning/Castle Building and Deep Stone Therapy.

There will be more exciting news later this month, including a new version of the website and information about my new offer of LaStone® in the 6th at "la rentrée".

New articles this last month:

Wellness with evening rituals
When I feel confused about things in my life and can't seem to find the answers to my questions, or even quite figure out what my questions are, I turn to a form of meditation. I have created an evening ritual that fits into my work and philosophies as a massage therapist. You will find your own expression that suits what you do and what your beliefs are...

What is wellness massage?
The expression wellness massage is fairly new, though the concept has been around for years. Often they're called relaxation massages. Relaxation massage is not quite the same as wellness massage. Nor is wellness massage to be confused with therapeutic massage. There are some distinct differences, which I will explain below...

LaStone therapists are unique
Being a LaStone® Therapist isn't just about learning a new massage routine or learning a new technique. It's learning a whole new approach to massage and implementing these principles into the different bodywork techniques we already know and use. We learn some routines such as the Original Body or Castle Building. These are very specific types of massages...

Properties of massage stones
It is no coincidence that the stones I use in my massages are those they are. Not only are their thermal properties important, but also the nature of the very stone plays an important role. Stones are harvested with respect for nature and treated well. Time is taken to find the right basalt stones which were created via volcanic eruptions thousands and thousands of years ago...

Again, thank you to all who have supported me in reaching my goal of becoming an Advanced LaStone® Therapist. Attending the courses in England in September are now a certainty.

To those of you who're on holidays, I hope you have a wonderful time with lots of Wellness and deep relaxation.