Thursday, 1 July 2010

#21 - Cool Stones on a Hot Day

Greetings all,

A you feeling too warm these days? Then try a LaStone® treatment and start your holidays feeling great!
Massage and placement with hot stones release tensions and relax your body, while cold stones are used to draw out all that excess heat and make you feel renewed and energized.
In order to introduce more people to LaStone® I have a special offer for July and August:

Save 25% on your first LaStone® treatment. Try out the LaStone® Original Body, Creative Stone, Cocooning/Castle Building and Deep Stone Therapy.

I have created more massage packages and "forfaits".
Buy a package and support me in obtaining my goal of becoming an Advanced LaStone® Therapist, so I can give you even better treatments and massages in the future.
Take a look at my price-list for further details:
If you purchase a package in July, I'll give you a 10% discount as a thank you for your support.

I look forward to seeing you and introduce you to the wonders of LaStone®. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information or if you have any specific requests.

Newest articles this month:

Creative Stone
Last year I wrote a post called "Creative Stone" describing a Massage Créatif enhanced by hot stones. As I've learned more skills and know my stones better, that writing has become inadequate. Creative Stone is now so much more than just adding a few hot stones to a Massage Créatif session. In fact, I wouldn't even call the massage part for Créatif any longer, as that...

Should a massage hurt?
Often there's a perception that a massage must hurt in order to do any real good, and if we're sore or in pain the day after it's just because the massage was really deep and did a lot of good things. Nothing is further from the truth than this idea that pain is necessary to achieve good results. In fact, pain is a sign that harm has been done to the body and should be...

Why do we think pain is good?
A while ago I wrote an article about misunderstood touch, and how touch becomes sexually charged. Recently I wrote about if a massage should hurt, discussing the misconception that a massage must be painful in order to do any real good. There are probably many reasons why people think pain is necessary  during a massage. Poor education of how the body reacts and functions and...

Six steps to increased body awareness
Last year I wrote an article about body awareness and how we walk through most of our lives not aware of our bodies and the signals it sends us. The article focused mainly on the physical aspects of body awareness and how massage therapy helps you increase body awareness.
Recently I came across a website describing a technique called "Focusing". The basics of focusing is that you use awareness...

Defining the sensual touch
It can be difficult to discuss massage with others if we don't have the same definition of words. In France there's typically a focus on a loving and sensual touch during a massage. A touch that's nourishing and deeply compassionate. Where you connect and awaken the senses of the other person. When  we speak of a sensual touch in massage, we mean a touch that pertains  to the...

Thank  you all for your interest, support and attention. I hope you will have a wonderful month full of joy and happiness.