Friday, 4 June 2010

#20 - Summer is a perfect time for Deep Stone Therapy

Greetings All,

With this beautiful summer weather over us, it's time to enjoy life and feel good. To carry smiles in our hearts and let the rays of the sun warm us. I would like to thank those who already have supported me by booking a few more massages. From the support shown so far, I have faith I will reach my goal and have booked all eight days in September.

I still need your help though. So please book a few extra massages the next couple of months and help me reach my dream, and thereby enable me to give you even better massages in the future. Alternatively you can mention my name to friends or family, spread the word about LaStone and massage in Paris, or even forward this mail to those who might be interested in massage.

Keep in mind that for just 30€ extra per visit I come to your home. I can do up to 3 massages per visit, so get together with a couple of friends and make it a special day.

Summer and warmth is the perfect time to try Deep Stone Therapy, where cold stones are used in abundance to release tensions and help your body heal.

I still write weekly articles about Massage and Wellness and among the new can be found:

Should a massage hurt?
Often there's a perception that a massage must hurt in order to do any real good, and if we're sore or in pain the day after it's just because the massage was really deep and did a lot of good things. Nothing is further from the truth than this idea that pain is necessary to achieve good results. In fact, pain is a sign that harm has been done to the body...

Difference between Cocooning and Castle Building
I have previously written about Cocooning and how it can be a great stress-relief. I've focused on creating a safe environment where people can let go and just feel warm and nourished, to allow them to relax and let go of stresses. In LaStone terms, they call it Castle Building and I've always wondered about that name. It didn't seem right to me and how I felt about the experience.

Geothermal Deep Stone Therapy
Geothermal Deep Stone Therapy is essentially deep tissue massage using hot and cold stones to treat and normalize tight and inflamed muscle tissue. Instead of using hands, knuckles, fingers and elbows to work deeply into the muscles and release the tensions, the stones are used to perform the same job.

Beware of the sun after a massage
Now that the sunny weather has arrived, there's a reason for caution. Massage oils often contain essential oils, which jave pleasant fragrances and can help you in many different ways. One thing that many people don't realize is that some essential oils can make the skin very photo-sensitive. This means that after the appliance of these oils, even in a diluted form, you should avoid exposure to the sun.

Massage helps dealing with grief and loss
An article on The Medical News website describes how massage helps bereaved deal with grief and find strength to better deal with the situation. Receiving soothing massages for eight weeks after the death of a loved one can provide much-needed consolation during an intense, stressful period of grieving.
Touch can be very powerful.

Massaging in the Zone
Giving a massage can become like meditation for the therapist. Once immersed fully into the massage, the hands seem to be moving on their own and conscious thought is reduced to a bare minimum. My hands just "know" where to massage and what techniques to use. I can place my hands on a client and instantly find that spot that's sore and needs attention.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support and thoughts.

Cheers and happy week-end,