Thursday, 1 October 2009

#18 - Cocooning


Fall has come upon us and the days get darker and colder. Now is the time to find alternative heat sources when the sun's power weans. Why not try a Cocooning, where you lie for half an hour relaxing with warm comforting stones, while your feet, hands or face receives a releasing and pleasurable massage.

Cocooning is gentle stress relief, warmth and caring of you, body, mind and heart. Cocooning is a perfect break in a busy day where you get a chance to just let go, relax and be nourished by the hot basalt stones coming from the riverbeds of New Mexico where the sun shines most of the time.

Cocooning is a perfect gift to the stressed and busy person. A chance to wind down, relax and feel the warmth penetrate tired and tense muscles. It's releasing physically and emotionally.

A Cocooning is just 45€ and lasts about half an hour.

Latest articles:

Stress relief with Cocooning
Cocooning can be a great stress reliever, both from current work stress as well as old emotional wounds. The best way to illustrate this is to use a couple of case studies from some clients I have recently given a cocooning to. One came to me after work with a headache after a stressful day. She felt burnt out, tired, and lacking motivation for doing her job...

Stress and tensions
Stress has a tendency to settle in the muscles, making them tense and eventually painful. For myself, it's especially the jaw-muscles which tense up and can become so tense and sore that it can be hard to yawn. For many mothers I've treated tension is located in shoulders and back. For working people it's often neck and shoulders....

Bewares in Thermal Massage
Not all people should receive massage. There are contraindications and situations where a massage can be directly harmful. When you use heat and cold in a massage, these multiply and you need to be even more aware of the conditions the client has and how to deal with them....

Hygiene in massage
Hygiene is very important when you massage, especially in these times where the threat of the new flu is hanging over us. We as therapists are very aware of the situation and take our precautions. For a normal massage we do the following: Wash our hands before and after a massage. Change sheets and towels, so a client will always have fresh clean sheets and towels...

More massages, more benefit
Body Sense recently published an article "Massage Multiplied - benefits of massage improve with frequency" (the PDF file can be downloaded here). In short it tells how frequent massages can improve your overall health and wellness, get rid of injuries and tensions faster and how it serves as preventive health care...

I'm on vacation until the 14th of October, but do still receive bookings via e-mail.


Gabrielle said...

You know the cocooning sounds wonderful. One of my most favorite massages ever is a hand massage. I can't say why, but having my hands massaged is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things I've experienced. I secretly go have my manicure done not because I love having pretty nails, but because they massage my palms and fingers and arms and I feel glorious after! I wish I lived close enough to come get a cocooning done!

Pia said...

Massage of the hands can be very relaxing. We use them all the time and often don't take very good care of them.

I'll keep it in mind for the day you visit or we meet up.