Tuesday, 1 September 2009

#17 - LaStone®

Greetings all,

I've finally collected all the things I need to perform the LaStone treatments. I'm really excited to start and share this wonderful experience with everybody. I am still looking for a location in Paris to give massages and treatments. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you've heard of anything.

My LaStone® prices are:
LaStone® Spa Massage (about 50 min) - 85€
Full LaStone® Massage (1h15 - 1h30) - 125€
30m Cocooning with foot, hand or face massage - 45€

Due to the equipment used, 56 hot stones, 13 cold stones, heater, cooler, sheets, towels, table etc, LaStone® treatment isn't mobile and can only be offered from my location.

Articles this last month:

Cocooning - relaxing with stones
What I call Cocooning is within LaStone called Castle-building. I think Cocooning better covers what it is actually about. To be cocooned within stones and emerge revitalized and relaxed after the treatment.It is in essence a very simple treatment that even children can receive and be part of. Heated stones, and cold ones as well, are placed randomly under, beside and on a person...

Effects of hot and cold
Physiotherapists and medical professionals have long used both hot and cold for treating injuries and pains. Sports people apply cold packs on muscles after heavy exercise, they use hot packs to reduce tightness and pain in muscles. Hot and cold is a very effective treatment method of muscles and the body.

What is LaStone Therapy
LaStone Therapy is the original hot and cold stone massage. It is a massage and therapy form that includes the use of hot and cold stones, both passively and actively. Some stones are placed to heat and cool muscles, while other stones are used as a massage tool instead of the hands. The stones do a lot of the work, which can give a very deep and profound massage.

Massage oils blends
I use different massage oils depending on who I massage and what extra effects I want added to my massage. Sometimes I mix oils specifically for one client. Most often though, I use one of my standard blends and from session to session pick the one I feel will be the best in the current situation. As a rule of thumb, only use about 1 drop of essential oil per 10 ml...

I hope your rentrée is enjoyable and not too stressing.

All the best.
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