Wednesday, 1 July 2009

#15 - Review wellness and massage


As most of you are aware, I'm working on a wellness start-up named Taunaki. I'd like to encourage your all to go to the website and sign up as a user and begin to review the wellness businesses and providers you've tried and know of. It can be your yoga teacher, the fitness trainer at the centre, the massage therapist, the meditation guide, the organic shop around the corner, your favourite spa or pool or what you can think of.

To encourage you to write reviews (and it doesn't need to be of me, in fact, reviews of others are more needed), I'll offer a 5% discount per review you write on my massages. So if you write 6 reviews, you'll receive a 30% discount (which means a massage for 50€ instead of 75€) on your next massage with me. This offer is valid all summer, July and August, and you must claim your discount during this period - though the massage can be booked later. I'll send you a voucher you can use, so provide me with your physical address as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to mail me for clarification. I hope to see a lot of new reviews on Taunaki, so it can become a useful resource to wellness for you all.

New articles this month:

Massage and waste products
As massage therapists we're taught that massage releases toxins and that we have to recommend our clients to drink plenty of water so those toxins can be washed out. But when you do research, it's hard to find specific studies supporting this notion, if you define toxins as poisons in your body. What you can find though is that massage helps the body release its waste products, which in...

The importance of massage exchanges
As a massage therapist it can be hard to remember to take care of oneself regularly, especially if you have a busy schedule and focus on the well-being of your clients. It's important though that you take time to get a massage often, for those working full time at least once a week. This just to take care of your body and prevent injuries and fatigue. What we preach to...

Massage tips for you
We often want to give a friend or a loved one a massage that'll help them deal with a current soreness, or merely make them relax and feel good. Not everybody can take classes in massage, though finding a brief class to teach you basic techniques for a good back rub is advised. Below I've listed some tips and tricks to give a good back rub, which you hopefully...

Rubbing It In – Massage as a lifestyle choice
Jennifer Diamant Foulon is a personal development consultant working in Paris. When I met her at a presentation workshop she hosted, she couldn't stop talking about this wonderful experience she had had. I was inspired to write an article about it, Massage as a Journey, and asked her if she was interested in sharing her story with the world. She was more than happy to...

Have a most wonderful summer.