Monday, 1 June 2009

#14 - Busy days


It's important to remember to take time for yourself and relax while letting the worries of daily life go for a while. We all tend to be so busy with our lives, work and family that we often forget to stop up and listen to ourselves and our bodies.

Give yourself a promise this month and spend 10 minutes every day where you just stop up and feel yourself. Notice how your body feels, how your mood is, sense where all the tensions are hidden and where your stresses lie. Then breathe deeply, inhaling sunshine and happy thoughts and exhaling worry and concerns. Feel how each exhale makes you relax a bit and makes your soreness less.

And finally, give yourself a nice wellness treat, do something for you and only for you. Something that others can't see you've done. Sit in the park and enjoy the sun for half an hour with no concerns in the world, get a massage, go for a run, meditate upon a flower or what suits your temperament. You'll feel all the better for it.

New articles this past month:

Wellness - it's everything
Many people focus on just one or two areas when they begin to focus on wellness. Especially food and exercise are two main targets as it's directly related to fitness and health. We have learned that in order to prevent a range of diseases and problems we need to work out and eat healthy.

Wellness - starting small
It doesn't take much to begin to increase your wellness. By starting small you can engage in good habits and one small step at a time improve your wellness to a level where it just takes easy maintenance.It's important to start small. To focus on only a couple of things at a time so it doesn't become overwhelming and you can keep your motivation up.

Massage as a journey
Massage is much more than releasing and relaxing sore muscles. Massage can become a means to full wellness, to be healthy in body and mind. It's important to realize the holistic aspect to massage and how profound it can be emotionally. Massage can be used to release pent up feelings and blockages built over years of modern life with stress and challenges.

Misunderstood touch
Touch is often seen as something sexual and sensual, an erotic expression between lovers. And as result, we withdraw our touch and become nervous about touching. A touch from a stranger invades our personal space even if it's by accident in the metro. A father caressing and massaging his child is suspected of ulterior motives. Friends hugging becomes more than just friendship, especially ...


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