Friday, 1 May 2009

#13 - Beautiful May

Greetings and happy holiday.

For those interested in trying my seated massage, I'll be at the MESSAGE Bring and Buy with my massage chair. Come visit, see the great offers from MESSAGE members and relax with a 15 minutes shoulder and back massage to ease the tensions and soreness.
Price is 10€ as a one time offer for the Bring and Buy.

Time: Sunday May 24th from 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 8 Place Georges Pompidou, 92300 Levallois Perret

I look forward to seeing many of you there.
You are welcome to contact me and book a time in advance to suit your own schedule the best.

With the great weather and sunshine it seems suiting to introduce a May offer.

6 massages for 350€. Buy 6 one hour massages in May month for just 350€ on a certificate and get the massages during the rest of this year when it suits you. The card can be shared among those in your household, or even two friends joining to share.

New articles this month:

Body awareness
It can be difficult to keep awareness of our body and notice how it feels when life is so full of inputs and information we need to digest constantly in order to stay on top of things. How can we expect ourselves to remember to notice how our body feels when the boss is bickering about a deadline, the children are screaming and demanding attention now, when the dog wants to be taken for a walk...

Dealing with headaches
Many headaches are caused by tensions in the muscles, especially those which seem impossible to get rid of. They're caused by tensions in the muscles of the neck, and sometimes also from upper back and even jaw-muscles. Research has shown a clear connection between active trigger points and various headaches, the location of the headache indicating where the guilty trigger point or points...

Massage books reviews III
It's time for a couple of books about trigger point therapy.The Concise book of Trigger Points is a great reference books and aid in learning where the trigger points are located in the muscles. It's strength is the reference it is, easy to look up in and find out how pain and trigger points are connected.The book also discusses the body and anatomy briefly, what trigger points are and how...

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are becoming more and more common. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the median nerve being entrapped in the carpal tunnel, because of swelling or inflammation of the finger flexor tendons (the muscles and tendons used to flex the fingers). At the wrist the flexor tendons run through a tunnel made up of the bones of the hand and a "roof" made of ligament and...

My philosophy on massage
As described in earlier articles, massage is a form of communication. It is a state where client and therapist connect not only physically, but also on an emotional level. Each therapist has their own philosophies and values in their work, and their own unique approach to it.To me massage is:a means to help people on all levels. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Massage isn't just limited to...

Have a great May and enjoy the long week-ends.


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