Thursday, 1 January 2009

#9 - Happy New Year


A happy new year to you all. Thank you so much for the year that has passed. I hope the new year will bring you many good experiences, happiness and see your dreams come true.

For me my dreams are taking a new step as we are getting ready to fully launch Taunaki - your resource to wellness at It's a project I've been working on for over a year now, which is reaching the stage where we can lift the veil and tell what it is about.

In short, Taunaki is your resource to wellness. There will be articles, reviews, ratings, recommendations of wellness, providers and products giving you the means necessary to choose what precisely you want.

Keep an eye what is happening with Taunaki by visiting The site will be launched with all functionalities during the first weeks of January.

Star Keys Massage continues and I am still available for bookings and appointments.

Articles this last month:

Massage and illness
When you are sick, you shouldn't get a massage. It can be put as simple as that. In worst case it can complicate matters further and do damage, and in best case it will just not be pleasant to you. For some illnesses and problems massage is not advice since it can be harmful. For other conditions a partial massage or a certain massage type can be recommended in smaller quantities.
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Massage treatment plans
Treatment plans are not used or needed for general relaxation and wellness massages. But if there is a physical problem that needs to be addressed and if a client returns complaining about the same issues time after time, a treatment plan can be very helpful. It not only helps the therapist be organized and guided, but also helps educate the client so they can take an active role.
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Signals sent via the massage environment
When decorating a treatment room and other areas a client might enter, it's important to consider what signals that might be sent. One thing is the subconscious signals via colours, plants, music and scents which affect our emotional state. But there is also the more obvious signals to take into consideration. The types of paintings, statues, religious symbols etc.
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Strength exercises
When doing strength exercises it's important to strengthen the entire body and all muscle-groups. The muscles work together and supports the skeleton by keeping it straight. Training only one area of the body will create imbalance and distort the natural alignment. That said, it is important to strengthen those muscles which are weak and strained so they can perform their function ideally.
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The importance of strength training
It is important to keep our body in shape and use it regularly, especially with the sedated lives many of us live with computers, cars, television and other modern comforts. It is generally recommended that we do at least half an hour of exercise every day merely to maintain our bodies. If we want to counter the stresses to our bodies, it is important to build our strength as well as endurance.
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Cheers and a very happy and fortunate new year to you all.


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