Thursday, 1 October 2009

#18 - Cocooning


Fall has come upon us and the days get darker and colder. Now is the time to find alternative heat sources when the sun's power weans. Why not try a Cocooning, where you lie for half an hour relaxing with warm comforting stones, while your feet, hands or face receives a releasing and pleasurable massage.

Cocooning is gentle stress relief, warmth and caring of you, body, mind and heart. Cocooning is a perfect break in a busy day where you get a chance to just let go, relax and be nourished by the hot basalt stones coming from the riverbeds of New Mexico where the sun shines most of the time.

Cocooning is a perfect gift to the stressed and busy person. A chance to wind down, relax and feel the warmth penetrate tired and tense muscles. It's releasing physically and emotionally.

A Cocooning is just 45€ and lasts about half an hour.

Latest articles:

Stress relief with Cocooning
Cocooning can be a great stress reliever, both from current work stress as well as old emotional wounds. The best way to illustrate this is to use a couple of case studies from some clients I have recently given a cocooning to. One came to me after work with a headache after a stressful day. She felt burnt out, tired, and lacking motivation for doing her job...

Stress and tensions
Stress has a tendency to settle in the muscles, making them tense and eventually painful. For myself, it's especially the jaw-muscles which tense up and can become so tense and sore that it can be hard to yawn. For many mothers I've treated tension is located in shoulders and back. For working people it's often neck and shoulders....

Bewares in Thermal Massage
Not all people should receive massage. There are contraindications and situations where a massage can be directly harmful. When you use heat and cold in a massage, these multiply and you need to be even more aware of the conditions the client has and how to deal with them....

Hygiene in massage
Hygiene is very important when you massage, especially in these times where the threat of the new flu is hanging over us. We as therapists are very aware of the situation and take our precautions. For a normal massage we do the following: Wash our hands before and after a massage. Change sheets and towels, so a client will always have fresh clean sheets and towels...

More massages, more benefit
Body Sense recently published an article "Massage Multiplied - benefits of massage improve with frequency" (the PDF file can be downloaded here). In short it tells how frequent massages can improve your overall health and wellness, get rid of injuries and tensions faster and how it serves as preventive health care...

I'm on vacation until the 14th of October, but do still receive bookings via e-mail.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

#17 - LaStone®

Greetings all,

I've finally collected all the things I need to perform the LaStone treatments. I'm really excited to start and share this wonderful experience with everybody. I am still looking for a location in Paris to give massages and treatments. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you've heard of anything.

My LaStone® prices are:
LaStone® Spa Massage (about 50 min) - 85€
Full LaStone® Massage (1h15 - 1h30) - 125€
30m Cocooning with foot, hand or face massage - 45€

Due to the equipment used, 56 hot stones, 13 cold stones, heater, cooler, sheets, towels, table etc, LaStone® treatment isn't mobile and can only be offered from my location.

Articles this last month:

Cocooning - relaxing with stones
What I call Cocooning is within LaStone called Castle-building. I think Cocooning better covers what it is actually about. To be cocooned within stones and emerge revitalized and relaxed after the treatment.It is in essence a very simple treatment that even children can receive and be part of. Heated stones, and cold ones as well, are placed randomly under, beside and on a person...

Effects of hot and cold
Physiotherapists and medical professionals have long used both hot and cold for treating injuries and pains. Sports people apply cold packs on muscles after heavy exercise, they use hot packs to reduce tightness and pain in muscles. Hot and cold is a very effective treatment method of muscles and the body.

What is LaStone Therapy
LaStone Therapy is the original hot and cold stone massage. It is a massage and therapy form that includes the use of hot and cold stones, both passively and actively. Some stones are placed to heat and cool muscles, while other stones are used as a massage tool instead of the hands. The stones do a lot of the work, which can give a very deep and profound massage.

Massage oils blends
I use different massage oils depending on who I massage and what extra effects I want added to my massage. Sometimes I mix oils specifically for one client. Most often though, I use one of my standard blends and from session to session pick the one I feel will be the best in the current situation. As a rule of thumb, only use about 1 drop of essential oil per 10 ml...

I hope your rentrée is enjoyable and not too stressing.

All the best.
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

#16 - Renewal

Greetings all,

The newsletter is a bit late this time, for which I apologize. I have a great excuse, and it's not even being away on holidays.

Last week I attended the LaStone course Original Body in Chelmsford, Essex, England at LaStoneUK by Lesley Masterson. The four days in beautiful Hylands Park were amazing and the people simply lovely. And of course, learning about the Original Hot and Cold Stone Massage was deeply fascinating and the beginning of a new journey for me.

I'm still collecting the last materials I need to perform the massages, and I'm looking for a location in Paris to set up my treatment room. If any of you know of a clinic or place that has space to share or rent out on an hourly basis, please don't hesitate to let me know.

By the beginning of September I should be ready to offer LaStone Therapy in Paris itself as well as my normal Massage Créatif.

This month will see a series of articles about LaStone Therapy and why hot and cold gives the best treatment of body and soul. There'll be much much more about this in next month's newsletter.

Articles this last month:

Renew yourself
As a massage therapist, but this is true for all people, it's important to renew yourself and regularly learn new skills. If you don't undertake these challenges, there's a risk of your life growing stale as well as your craft. It's healthy for your mind to expand and grow your expertise. Not only your customers or workplace will benefit, but you will also.

Clothed massage

It's easy to get the impression that you need to undress in order to receive a massage. This is not true. It's perfectly possible to receive a good and also therapeutic massage even if you're clothed. The massage techniques used are somewhat different, and the experience will be another compared to a normal unclothed massage.

When you use the chest instead of with the stomach (diaphragm) to breathe, you can cause trigger points and tensions the upper chest and back. This can result in headaches, numbness and pains in chest, arm, shoulder and hand.For instance the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by tensions and trigger points in some of the muscles which lift the chest (scalenes).

When you receive a massage it's important to communicate with the therapist. Let her know if there's something that's not to your liking or you'd like changed. It's very tempting to just let go, float away and not bother saying what you like and don't like. But by not speaking up about it, you do yourself a disfavour and the massage will become a bad experience.Most

Improving your massage
The aim of a massage is to make the recipient relax so the muscles can be normalized and stress leave the body and mind. There are several things that you can do to improve your massage.Move slowly. Keep in mind that you want the other person to relax completely, so slow smooth non-jerking movements, especially in the beginning, will help them relax and get used to your touch.

Have a wonderful late-summer.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

#15 - Review wellness and massage


As most of you are aware, I'm working on a wellness start-up named Taunaki. I'd like to encourage your all to go to the website and sign up as a user and begin to review the wellness businesses and providers you've tried and know of. It can be your yoga teacher, the fitness trainer at the centre, the massage therapist, the meditation guide, the organic shop around the corner, your favourite spa or pool or what you can think of.

To encourage you to write reviews (and it doesn't need to be of me, in fact, reviews of others are more needed), I'll offer a 5% discount per review you write on my massages. So if you write 6 reviews, you'll receive a 30% discount (which means a massage for 50€ instead of 75€) on your next massage with me. This offer is valid all summer, July and August, and you must claim your discount during this period - though the massage can be booked later. I'll send you a voucher you can use, so provide me with your physical address as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to mail me for clarification. I hope to see a lot of new reviews on Taunaki, so it can become a useful resource to wellness for you all.

New articles this month:

Massage and waste products
As massage therapists we're taught that massage releases toxins and that we have to recommend our clients to drink plenty of water so those toxins can be washed out. But when you do research, it's hard to find specific studies supporting this notion, if you define toxins as poisons in your body. What you can find though is that massage helps the body release its waste products, which in...

The importance of massage exchanges
As a massage therapist it can be hard to remember to take care of oneself regularly, especially if you have a busy schedule and focus on the well-being of your clients. It's important though that you take time to get a massage often, for those working full time at least once a week. This just to take care of your body and prevent injuries and fatigue. What we preach to...

Massage tips for you
We often want to give a friend or a loved one a massage that'll help them deal with a current soreness, or merely make them relax and feel good. Not everybody can take classes in massage, though finding a brief class to teach you basic techniques for a good back rub is advised. Below I've listed some tips and tricks to give a good back rub, which you hopefully...

Rubbing It In – Massage as a lifestyle choice
Jennifer Diamant Foulon is a personal development consultant working in Paris. When I met her at a presentation workshop she hosted, she couldn't stop talking about this wonderful experience she had had. I was inspired to write an article about it, Massage as a Journey, and asked her if she was interested in sharing her story with the world. She was more than happy to...

Have a most wonderful summer.


Monday, 1 June 2009

#14 - Busy days


It's important to remember to take time for yourself and relax while letting the worries of daily life go for a while. We all tend to be so busy with our lives, work and family that we often forget to stop up and listen to ourselves and our bodies.

Give yourself a promise this month and spend 10 minutes every day where you just stop up and feel yourself. Notice how your body feels, how your mood is, sense where all the tensions are hidden and where your stresses lie. Then breathe deeply, inhaling sunshine and happy thoughts and exhaling worry and concerns. Feel how each exhale makes you relax a bit and makes your soreness less.

And finally, give yourself a nice wellness treat, do something for you and only for you. Something that others can't see you've done. Sit in the park and enjoy the sun for half an hour with no concerns in the world, get a massage, go for a run, meditate upon a flower or what suits your temperament. You'll feel all the better for it.

New articles this past month:

Wellness - it's everything
Many people focus on just one or two areas when they begin to focus on wellness. Especially food and exercise are two main targets as it's directly related to fitness and health. We have learned that in order to prevent a range of diseases and problems we need to work out and eat healthy.

Wellness - starting small
It doesn't take much to begin to increase your wellness. By starting small you can engage in good habits and one small step at a time improve your wellness to a level where it just takes easy maintenance.It's important to start small. To focus on only a couple of things at a time so it doesn't become overwhelming and you can keep your motivation up.

Massage as a journey
Massage is much more than releasing and relaxing sore muscles. Massage can become a means to full wellness, to be healthy in body and mind. It's important to realize the holistic aspect to massage and how profound it can be emotionally. Massage can be used to release pent up feelings and blockages built over years of modern life with stress and challenges.

Misunderstood touch
Touch is often seen as something sexual and sensual, an erotic expression between lovers. And as result, we withdraw our touch and become nervous about touching. A touch from a stranger invades our personal space even if it's by accident in the metro. A father caressing and massaging his child is suspected of ulterior motives. Friends hugging becomes more than just friendship, especially ...


Friday, 1 May 2009

#13 - Beautiful May

Greetings and happy holiday.

For those interested in trying my seated massage, I'll be at the MESSAGE Bring and Buy with my massage chair. Come visit, see the great offers from MESSAGE members and relax with a 15 minutes shoulder and back massage to ease the tensions and soreness.
Price is 10€ as a one time offer for the Bring and Buy.

Time: Sunday May 24th from 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 8 Place Georges Pompidou, 92300 Levallois Perret

I look forward to seeing many of you there.
You are welcome to contact me and book a time in advance to suit your own schedule the best.

With the great weather and sunshine it seems suiting to introduce a May offer.

6 massages for 350€. Buy 6 one hour massages in May month for just 350€ on a certificate and get the massages during the rest of this year when it suits you. The card can be shared among those in your household, or even two friends joining to share.

New articles this month:

Body awareness
It can be difficult to keep awareness of our body and notice how it feels when life is so full of inputs and information we need to digest constantly in order to stay on top of things. How can we expect ourselves to remember to notice how our body feels when the boss is bickering about a deadline, the children are screaming and demanding attention now, when the dog wants to be taken for a walk...

Dealing with headaches
Many headaches are caused by tensions in the muscles, especially those which seem impossible to get rid of. They're caused by tensions in the muscles of the neck, and sometimes also from upper back and even jaw-muscles. Research has shown a clear connection between active trigger points and various headaches, the location of the headache indicating where the guilty trigger point or points...

Massage books reviews III
It's time for a couple of books about trigger point therapy.The Concise book of Trigger Points is a great reference books and aid in learning where the trigger points are located in the muscles. It's strength is the reference it is, easy to look up in and find out how pain and trigger points are connected.The book also discusses the body and anatomy briefly, what trigger points are and how...

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are becoming more and more common. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the median nerve being entrapped in the carpal tunnel, because of swelling or inflammation of the finger flexor tendons (the muscles and tendons used to flex the fingers). At the wrist the flexor tendons run through a tunnel made up of the bones of the hand and a "roof" made of ligament and...

My philosophy on massage
As described in earlier articles, massage is a form of communication. It is a state where client and therapist connect not only physically, but also on an emotional level. Each therapist has their own philosophies and values in their work, and their own unique approach to it.To me massage is:a means to help people on all levels. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Massage isn't just limited to...

Have a great May and enjoy the long week-ends.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

#12 - The sun shines


Much awaited and longed for - by I at least - the sun, warmth and spring has come to Paris. This beautiful weather really encourages us to get outdoors and spend time in the sun. No longer the excuse of bad weather can stop us from exercising as we've promised ourselves during the cold winter days, no longer an excuse for hiding inside.

With the good weather starting, picnics and outings with friends are closer. For those interested, I offer to come along and provide chair-massages on site, in the park, garden or where you have your picnic for just 1€ per minute. What better way to combine good time on the grass with relaxation and tending the body. Mail me for further information.

You can read more about chair-massages here:

The sun is healthy for us, in moderation (no getting sunburns here, that's a bad thing). It energizes us, fills us with positive energy and is a great emotional stress reliever. Alongside with exercise, sun is one of the better natural anti-depressants out there and it helps us get over procrastination and blocking ourselves.

I'm on Twitter now for those interested in some daily wellness tips and various news related to Taunaki. I can be found at: and you're welcome to follow.

Newest articles on Massage and Wellness

7 good reasons to get a massage
There are many reasons to get a massage and the list would be long. Here comes seven very good reasons, seen from a somewhat different angle than the clinical one.

Clinical massage therapy
Clinical massage therapy focuses on treating the muscles and client as opposed to relaxation and de-stressing. A good knowledge of anatomy is needed to perform clinical massage therapy, as the work is done on the individual muscles and groups. It's important to know where they attach, what their functions are, the pain referrals and how they're located on the body of the client.

Trigger points
Trigger point therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more massage therapists incorporate the techniques in their treatments. It is not the same as acupressure, though some trigger points corresponds with acupressure points.A trigger point is defined as; "A highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut band of (skeletal) muscle."

I hope you'll have a wonderful spring and that the April weather won't trick you too much.

All the best,

Friday, 6 March 2009

#11 - Spring time


The newsletter is a bit delayed this month due to a torn phone-cable. But we're up and running again and communication is alive.

With March the sun is coming and spring is beginning. It fills us with energy and new drive to undertake our challenges. It's a good time to start regular exercises and take good care of oneself.

New articles this last month:

Massage books reviews II
I've bought and studied more massage books. They're very useful and have taught me a lot about the more clinical aspects of massage as well as other techniques and systems. - your resource to wellness
Finally, we're here! Taunaki is launching and I'm all excited about it. It's an event I've worked towards for more than a year. And since September I've been working more or less full time on the project. It's been a very exciting process, very interesting and it's taught me a lot. I must admit I've greatly enjoyed the work in spite of frustrations and stress.

Wry neck (torticollis)
Wry neck, or torticollis, can happen very suddenly and without any obvious reason. The experts do not agree on what precisely causes it. Sometimes it can be caused by a trauma, a fall, a car accident or a sudden movement. In that case it's always advisable to see a doctor to rule out more serious causes like a slipped disc or other things.

Wellness plans
A wellness plan is different than a massage treatment plan. Where a treatment plan focuses on treating an injury or acute physical problem and prevent it from happening again, a wellness plan focuses on your overall health and well-being. A wellness plan aims towards preventing illness and diseases, on improving your life quality and wellness.

Have a wonderful March and all the best to you.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

#10 - Valentin's Day


With the cold of winter over us, it can be delicious to treat ourselves with a nice massage in a warm room. Don't forget to take good care of yourself during those cold and stressful times.

As something new, all clients who book their next appointment instantly after a massage will receive a 10€ discount voucher. This can be used at the next appointment or gifted to a friend or loved one.

Articles this last month:

A few wellness tricks
It doesn't take that much work to get started on actively caring for and improving your wellness. By starting small and in small steps you can get into the good habits easily without it becoming a big struggle that you need to force yourself to do every day. If you follow through with these few easy things you will experience a great improvement in your overall wellness and how you feel.
Read more:

Some wellness blogs and sites
Following are some of my favourite wellness related blogs and sites. I regularly check them and find much inspiration and knowledge from these sites. Both professionally and personally. Enjoy.
Read more:

Pause due to another project
I will be taking a shorter pause from writing Massage and Wellness articles, while I focus on another project I have been working on for quite a while now. You can read the latest news at:
My great project is of course related to Wellness and I have been busy creating web pages, working on content and writing about the entire process, what the thoughts behind it...
Read more:

Massage and Wellness.
Wellness and massage are undoubtedly connected, but what does wellness mean.
According to wellness is a noun which means:
the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, esp. as the result of deliberate effort.
an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.
Read more:

Best wishes and thoughts

Thursday, 1 January 2009

#9 - Happy New Year


A happy new year to you all. Thank you so much for the year that has passed. I hope the new year will bring you many good experiences, happiness and see your dreams come true.

For me my dreams are taking a new step as we are getting ready to fully launch Taunaki - your resource to wellness at It's a project I've been working on for over a year now, which is reaching the stage where we can lift the veil and tell what it is about.

In short, Taunaki is your resource to wellness. There will be articles, reviews, ratings, recommendations of wellness, providers and products giving you the means necessary to choose what precisely you want.

Keep an eye what is happening with Taunaki by visiting The site will be launched with all functionalities during the first weeks of January.

Star Keys Massage continues and I am still available for bookings and appointments.

Articles this last month:

Massage and illness
When you are sick, you shouldn't get a massage. It can be put as simple as that. In worst case it can complicate matters further and do damage, and in best case it will just not be pleasant to you. For some illnesses and problems massage is not advice since it can be harmful. For other conditions a partial massage or a certain massage type can be recommended in smaller quantities.
Read more:

Massage treatment plans
Treatment plans are not used or needed for general relaxation and wellness massages. But if there is a physical problem that needs to be addressed and if a client returns complaining about the same issues time after time, a treatment plan can be very helpful. It not only helps the therapist be organized and guided, but also helps educate the client so they can take an active role.
Read more:

Signals sent via the massage environment
When decorating a treatment room and other areas a client might enter, it's important to consider what signals that might be sent. One thing is the subconscious signals via colours, plants, music and scents which affect our emotional state. But there is also the more obvious signals to take into consideration. The types of paintings, statues, religious symbols etc.
Read more:

Strength exercises
When doing strength exercises it's important to strengthen the entire body and all muscle-groups. The muscles work together and supports the skeleton by keeping it straight. Training only one area of the body will create imbalance and distort the natural alignment. That said, it is important to strengthen those muscles which are weak and strained so they can perform their function ideally.
Read more:

The importance of strength training
It is important to keep our body in shape and use it regularly, especially with the sedated lives many of us live with computers, cars, television and other modern comforts. It is generally recommended that we do at least half an hour of exercise every day merely to maintain our bodies. If we want to counter the stresses to our bodies, it is important to build our strength as well as endurance.
Read more:

Cheers and a very happy and fortunate new year to you all.