Monday, 1 December 2008

#8 - Merry Christmas

Season Greetings,

New articles this month:

Postural distortion
Misalignment of the body often gives pain and injury. When a body is aligned and has a proper posture, the skeleton is supporting the weight of the body and the muscles are just balancing it and providing movement and stability. Poor habits, a bad working position, repetitive work and lack of muscular strength can all lead to postural distortion.
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Stretch exercises
Regular stretching exercises are important if you wish to maintain the benefits of a massage and avoid the strains of poor posture and repetitive work. Stretching also provides good breaks from a work routine and can energize and refresh your mind, which in return improves your work performance. Below is a list of exercises which can easily be performed during the day.
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Massage music
Finding the right massage music can make a big difference in how a massage is experienced by the client. The music played will of course depend on the type of massage given, but in the following I will discuss music that is relaxing and aids the client in letting go and receive the massage.
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Chair massage vs table massage
Both seated massage and table massage have their advantages and areas where they are more effective and useful than the other. In general a table massage is good for a full body treatment and complete relaxation and de-stressing, allowing the therapist to work through all areas and muscle groups.
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Cheers and merry Christmas, I hope you'll have a great time.