Monday, 3 November 2008

#7 - Strength training is important


A good way to prevent tensions and pains from emerging by extensive desk work and computer use is to do strength training. One of the main reasons for the problems is that we do not have a proper posture and our muscles on the back and shoulders become stretched and strained. By strengthening especially those muscles we help our body back into a more natural and healthy posture which in return will reduce the discomfort significantly.

Dumbbell exercises done at home for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week will be enough to strengthen and maintain your body and well-being. A series can be viewed on this page: with animations.

A massage releases the tensions built up and eases the pain, but if the underlying cause isn't treated at the same time, the problems will keep returning and the massage only have a temporarily effect.

This is why it is important to build up a treatment and wellness plan that covers both the massage treatment, stretch and strength exercises and teaches about proper posture and what to be aware of.

New articles this past month:

5 Benefits of Being a Professional Massage Therapist - Guest posting by Kelly Kilpatrick from
People choose jobs for many different reasons. Some pick their job based on security, others on happiness, and still others because they feel passionate about the way their job impacts others’ lives. For many professional massage therapists, their work brings all of these things into play, along with certain other benefits that many other professions cannot boast.

Why get chair massages?

Chair massage is an efficient massage technique to deal with the problems and tensions arising during the course of a day. It effectively addresses the strains and aches which build up in the shoulders, neck and back from extensive work in front of the computer. Seated massage is a sound alternative to the more traditional table massage as the position effectively allows the therapist to work...

Massage oils
Massage oils are used during table massages to ease the passage of the hands over the skin. It is necessary to lower friction as well as to work the muscles properly. The massage oils also nourish the skin and softens it so feels nice afterwards. Essential oils added to the massage oil can give the massage an extra sensory dimension as the scents affects the mind and body in different ways.

Frequency of massages
How often should you receive a massage. It is a question that is impossible to answer generally since it always depends on the individual in question and their situation. For most people wishing to relax and maintain a normal healthy body, once a month is a suitable frequency. It is often enough that the tensions building up can be dealt with and become a moment of full relaxation...

Pain from computer and desk
When we work in front of the computer, we often experience tension, soreness and even pain in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists and arms. These discomforts are usually caused by poor working position at the desk and by repetitive movements. Sitting in front of the computer or at the desk can cause rather severe muscular and postural problems.

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