Wednesday, 1 October 2008

#6 - Bring and Buy


This month, Sunday the 12th of October from 15:00 to 19:00 is the bi-yearly MESSAGE event Bring and Buy. The official invitation can be see here: B&B.pdf

I will be at the B&B with my massage chair, offering massages to anyone interested for a small fee. 10% of what I make will go to support MESSAGE. So come buy and see what's sold and offered at the event and get a massage to ease those tense shoulder and neck muscles. It is a great opportunity to be introduced to seated massage.

When we sit at the computer all day our shoulders and back gets sore and tension headaches are likely to happen. This is due to our working posture. We are often slouching in the chair, jutting our head forward and turning our shoulders inward in order to operate the keyboard and mouse. As consequence our chest muscles are shortened and tense, while the muscles on the back are strained and stretched. Massage can help with these symptoms and help you regain a proper posture as well as ease the pain and normalize the muscles.

There is something you can do yourself as well to avoid problems from emerging. Every hour, get up from the computer and walk around for a bit, rolling your shoulders and stretching your body. A useful stretch is to stand next to a door frame, placing your underarm against it and slowly move forward so you stretch your chest muscles. This will ease some of the strain placed on your back coming from the chronic tense chest muscles. Proper posture in front of the desk is essential and without it you risk severe pains and discomforts.

An article will be posted later today at explaining more about pain caused by computer and desk use.

Anyone booking a massage this month will receive a gift certificate worth 10€ to use at their next appointment or to gift to friends and family.

New articles this past month:

When to get a massage
You should get a massage when you feel like it. For most people that would be rather frequent, but often it is an expense which most can't afford as regularly as desired. To maintain the best health, try and get a massage when you start to notice the symptoms of stress, or when your muscles feel sore. It is best not to wait until you experience muscular pain in your body...
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Why get massages
Many ask why should they get a massage. One would think the answer is obvious. A massage feels good, it is relaxing and nice to be pampered and given full attention for an hour or more. It feels wonderful to have skilled hands address all those sore points and just be able to let go and forget about worries and concerns for a while. But there is more to massage...
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Seated massage (chair massage)
Chair massage is a quick and energizing massage form that is performed while the client is fully clothed. The clients sits on a chair specially designed for comfort and access to the body. Pressure and massage techniques are used to work out the knots and tension which are located in the body. In particular the shoulder, neck and back area are easily accessible for treatment...
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Oriental Massage
Oriental massage takes its inspiration from the Hammams found in Morocco and the other North African countries. The objective of the massage is to stimulate the blood circulation and relax the muscles in depth. This style of massage is often found in the Hammams and will typically last 20 to 30 minutes. The massage is very energetic and profound, urging the body and spirit to let go...
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Cheers and happy autumn.