Monday, 1 September 2008

#5 - Rentrée and Seated massages


The rentrée is over us and it's time to get back into the bustling activities of daily life. Social activities start up again, work becomes demanding again, the children are back in school and stress starts to seep into our lives again.

Why not counter the effects of a busy life with a chair massage? I have purchased a massage chair and can now offer seated massages at your home, your office or even at the park.

What is chair massage?

Chair massage is a quick and energizing massage form that is performed while you are fully clothed. You will sit on a chair especially designed for your comfort and I will use pressure and massage techniques to work out those knots and tensions which are located in your body. In particular the shoulder, neck and back area.

The massage only lasts 15 minutes, no more than a coffee-break, and can be performed in any location. From your living room, to the office, parks and malls, the garden, beaches. With or without people and distractions around you. It is an ideal massage form for those too busy for a full massage, or as a break and nice treatment while at work or meeting up with friends.

Ideal for a picnic or pot-luck lunch, a group of co-workers during lunch break, or while having a playgroup or book-swap.

Contact me for available times and further information or visit:

An article will be published later this month, explaining more about chair massage and its benefits to health, well-being and stress-reduction.

New articles this past month:

Why massage the stomach
The stomach is probably the most sensitive area to massage. It is the most unprotected part of our body, and it can be a strong emotional experience to receive a stomach massage. Physically there are many benefits to an abdominal massage. Stress and emotional tensions are stored in the stomach and can cause digestive and other related health problems.

Massage and overweight
Overweight is usually not a problem when giving a massage to a client. The massage therapist is trained to take it into consideration and knows how to deal with what issues might arise.
As with body hair the massage therapist will not be judging or evaluating the looks and attractiveness of the client.

Massage and body hair
Many people are very self-conscious when they first place themselves on a massage table and they are worried about their appearances. Body hair is one of the major concerns I have encountered. It is needless to say that this awareness of themselves and worry how they might be perceived can influence how well they can relax and let go.

More about massage and nudity
Nudity in massage will always be affected by regional customs, culture and laws. While many massages clearly will benefit from full nudity, it is not always possible to do so. The most important aspect is to find and do what the client feels most comfortable with. A massage therapist must always adhere to the wishes of the client.

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