Friday, 1 August 2008

#4 - Happy Holidays


During August I'll primary be available only during the week-ends since the nounou is on vacation and I'm enjoying the summer with my daughter.

It is a month of relaxation and recharging, so take the time to wind down, sit and relax and breathe deeply. Feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, and spend a few moments appreciating the now, seeing all the positive around you. Enjoy the beauty of a blue sky and blooming flowers and savour the moment. Let go of the worries and annoyances for a short time and only focus on the positive around you. This is one of the secrets to a content life.

New articles this past month:

The importance of touch
Touch is the most important sense we humans have. It is essential to our well-being and health, our perception of ourselves and our growth. Without touch we would wither away and in extreme cases even die. In the 13th century Frederic II carried out an experiment to see how children would develop language when denied human contact. They were fed and washed, but all died. A monk of the time...

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage is becoming an increasingly popular massage form, which more and more spas and beauty salons offer. In its essence it is a massage therapy that uses heated basalt stones as a means to warm the muscles and massaging them. It is an ancient therapy form which was made popular when the massage therapist Mary Nelson introduced a massage technique called "La Stone Therapy".

Massage and the sexual aspect
Nudity and intimate touch are in many places considered sexual. As a consequence massage is often associated with sex which poses a large problem for those giving professional non-erotic massages. In some countries regulations and laws have been passed to ensure the separation. Unfortunately there are still many countries where there is no official regulation, and for the costumers it can be hard...

What to expect from a Massage Créatif
A Massage Créatif is a full body massage, which combines soft strokes with deep massage, as well as stimulates pressure points, employ stretching and massage of the hands, feet and head. The entire body will be massaged during the hour or one and a half hour a massage lasts.
You will come out from the massage feeling relaxed and calm. Tensions have been eased, worries lessened. You will feel...

Fédération Française de Massages-Bien-Être
The FFMBE - Fédération Française de Massages-Bien-Être - is an organisation for massage therapists in France. They set up rules and regulations in order to heighten the quality of massages and to separate proper massages from erotic massages. Their members can call themselves "Praticien(ne) de Massage bien-être" which is a protected title.

Have a great holidays.


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