Tuesday, 1 July 2008

#3 - Bon été à toutes et à tous

Bonjour et bon été à toutes et à tous.

N'oubliez pas prendre quelques moments toutes les heures pour vous étirer et respirez à fond plusieurs fois. C'est une bonne manière de se relaxer et de réduire les tensions et le stress.

Étirez les bras par-dessus la tête en direction du plafond, cambrez le dos et sentez comme les muscles de la poitrine sont étirés. Courbez-vous de chaque côté et étirez les côtés, toujours avec les bras au-dessus de la tête. Finalement, penchez-vous et essayez de toucher les orteils. Répétez plusieurs fois et respirez profondément.C'est une bonne pause rafraîchissante, qui vous donne l'énergie de faire face aux défis du jour.

Avec l'arrivée des vacances c'est l'heure de récupérer et de laisser tous les soucis derrière soi. Quelle meilleure façon pour commencer que de recevoir un bon massage relaxant.

Offre spéciale pour les vacances: 10€ de réduction pour un massage chez moi dans la semaine à 21 juillet de 27 juillet, les deux jours inclus.

Je vous souhaite un bon été à toutes et à tous.

Merci et à bientôt.Pia

#3 - Happy Summer

Greetings, and happy summer.

Don't forget to take a few moments every hour to stretch your entire body and breathe deeply several times. It is a good way to relax and reduce tensions and stresses.
Stretch your arms above your head and reach for the sky, arch your back and feel how the muscles in the chest are stretched. Bend to each side and stretch the sides, still with your arms above your head. Finally bend forward and try to touch your toes. Repeat a few times and take some deep breaths.
It is a good refreshing break which gives you energy to face the challenges of the day.

With the holidays coming it is time to rewind and let go of all the daily troubles. What better way to start than to get a good relaxing massage.

Summer holiday offer:
10€ discount on any massage at my place in the week of 21st to 27th of July, both days included.

New massage and wellness articles this last month:

Massage and nudity
There are certain moral and ethical values which must always be observed during a massage. The client's level of comfort must be respected at all times, nor must a massage turn sexual in any way. A practitioner is obliged to full discretion and can never reveal any personal information about a client.

Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi is the name for Hawaiian massage which primarily uses palms, forearms, knuckles, and elbows, though knees, feet and even sticks and stones can be used as tools. It is a holistic healing tradition which goes beyond simple massage and is almost as old as civilization on the islands. Each family would have their own version of Lomi Lomi and everybody would give and receive.

Massage books review
I've put up a list of my favourite massage and healing books with reviews. They all stand in my bookshelf and they have provided me with information and inspiration during many years.

Californian Massage
Californian massage is a gentle massage technique, which aims to bring a physical and mental balance of the client through soft long strokes that connect the entire body. It is based upon Swedish (classical) massage, but instead of working in sections focusing on muscle groups one step at a time, Californian massage works on the entire body at once, not dividing the body into sections.

Happy reading and wonderful holidays to all.