Tuesday, 10 June 2008

#2 - Father's day


I have just returned from a vacation in Denmark where I was lucky enough to experience some wonderful summer weather and get my fill of holidays for the time being.

This means that I don't have any plans for the summer and am available all week-ends for house calls and massage sessions.

My transport fee to come to your home is 30€ independent of how many massages I give.
For the best experience for all, I recommend booking no more than 3 massages for a one day session. Expect a 10 min break between the first two massages and either a lunch break or half hour break between the 2nd and 3rd.

I will gladly mix massage oils specifically for your needs, just state such when you book a massage. I have more than a decade of interest in aromatherapy and can create a massage oil specially for you.

Arrange a massage session with two others and you will receive a personal massage oil for free.

Father's day offer:
(valid until Father's day, 16th of June 2008)
Buy him a massage gift certificate for Fathers day and book the massage later when he has time (valid until Oct 31st 2008).
Special father's price 50€ for one hour Massage Créatif (transport fee not included) - normal price 75€.
The certificate can be posted directly to the recipient or to yourself.

Contact me for details. Payment via cheque issued to: Pia Poulsen.
Once I receive payment I will send the gift certificate.

All letters and cheques sent to:
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

New massage and wellness articles this last month:

Massage and stress:
Massage is a good way to relax and relieve stress, not to mention it provides several other health benefits. Stress causes muscular tension, an impaired digestive system, a high blood pressure, and reduced immune system. It gives trouble with sleep, anxiety, lack of patience and even depression.

Aromatherapy in massage:

In many massages massage oils are used. The oil makes the massage more fluid and reduces the friction against the skin so the work on the muscles becomes deeper and better. The massage oil also nourishes and moisten the skin. Massage oils often use aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy isn't a massage form as such, but rather a tool used with various massage techniques. The therapy can also be used with baths, inhaled, as room fragrance, compresses, skin care, and internally. Though massage is probably the most commonly used method to employ aromatherapy and use essential oils.

Swedish massage:
Swedish Massage, also known as Classical Massage (especially in Scandinavia) or as Massage Therapy (mostly in the US), is the basic massage form that most Western world massage-types are based on.

Thank you and cheers!

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