Wednesday, 30 April 2008

#1 - Thank you all.

Welcome to this first newsletter from Star Keys Massage and Pia Poulsen.

The newsletter will be posted once a month with news, article extracts and special offers.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest, given support and received massages during this last year.

In January I reached my goal and passed my exam at Institut Figari and received my certification in Massage Créatif and can now call myself Praticienne en Massage Créatif and Praticienne en Massage de bien-être since I'm a member of the FFMBE (Fédération Française de massages-bien-être).

I have now set up an enterprise and have created a website at for my massages.

Special offer valid until May 10th - Ideal for a gift to a friend or loved one:

Prepaid massage package: 6 massages for 300€ (normal price 400€). Valid for half a year from issued date.

Gift certificates and vouchers: 1 massage 55€ (normal price 75€). Certificate is valid for 3 months from issued date.

Contact me for details. Payment via cheque issued to my name Pia Poulsen.
Once I receive your cheque I will send you the voucher.

All letters and cheques sent to:
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

Thank you and cheers!

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