Monday, 1 December 2008

#8 - Merry Christmas

Season Greetings,

New articles this month:

Postural distortion
Misalignment of the body often gives pain and injury. When a body is aligned and has a proper posture, the skeleton is supporting the weight of the body and the muscles are just balancing it and providing movement and stability. Poor habits, a bad working position, repetitive work and lack of muscular strength can all lead to postural distortion.
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Stretch exercises
Regular stretching exercises are important if you wish to maintain the benefits of a massage and avoid the strains of poor posture and repetitive work. Stretching also provides good breaks from a work routine and can energize and refresh your mind, which in return improves your work performance. Below is a list of exercises which can easily be performed during the day.
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Massage music
Finding the right massage music can make a big difference in how a massage is experienced by the client. The music played will of course depend on the type of massage given, but in the following I will discuss music that is relaxing and aids the client in letting go and receive the massage.
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Chair massage vs table massage
Both seated massage and table massage have their advantages and areas where they are more effective and useful than the other. In general a table massage is good for a full body treatment and complete relaxation and de-stressing, allowing the therapist to work through all areas and muscle groups.
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Cheers and merry Christmas, I hope you'll have a great time.

Monday, 3 November 2008

#7 - Strength training is important


A good way to prevent tensions and pains from emerging by extensive desk work and computer use is to do strength training. One of the main reasons for the problems is that we do not have a proper posture and our muscles on the back and shoulders become stretched and strained. By strengthening especially those muscles we help our body back into a more natural and healthy posture which in return will reduce the discomfort significantly.

Dumbbell exercises done at home for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week will be enough to strengthen and maintain your body and well-being. A series can be viewed on this page: with animations.

A massage releases the tensions built up and eases the pain, but if the underlying cause isn't treated at the same time, the problems will keep returning and the massage only have a temporarily effect.

This is why it is important to build up a treatment and wellness plan that covers both the massage treatment, stretch and strength exercises and teaches about proper posture and what to be aware of.

New articles this past month:

5 Benefits of Being a Professional Massage Therapist - Guest posting by Kelly Kilpatrick from
People choose jobs for many different reasons. Some pick their job based on security, others on happiness, and still others because they feel passionate about the way their job impacts others’ lives. For many professional massage therapists, their work brings all of these things into play, along with certain other benefits that many other professions cannot boast.

Why get chair massages?

Chair massage is an efficient massage technique to deal with the problems and tensions arising during the course of a day. It effectively addresses the strains and aches which build up in the shoulders, neck and back from extensive work in front of the computer. Seated massage is a sound alternative to the more traditional table massage as the position effectively allows the therapist to work...

Massage oils
Massage oils are used during table massages to ease the passage of the hands over the skin. It is necessary to lower friction as well as to work the muscles properly. The massage oils also nourish the skin and softens it so feels nice afterwards. Essential oils added to the massage oil can give the massage an extra sensory dimension as the scents affects the mind and body in different ways.

Frequency of massages
How often should you receive a massage. It is a question that is impossible to answer generally since it always depends on the individual in question and their situation. For most people wishing to relax and maintain a normal healthy body, once a month is a suitable frequency. It is often enough that the tensions building up can be dealt with and become a moment of full relaxation...

Pain from computer and desk
When we work in front of the computer, we often experience tension, soreness and even pain in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists and arms. These discomforts are usually caused by poor working position at the desk and by repetitive movements. Sitting in front of the computer or at the desk can cause rather severe muscular and postural problems.

Cheers and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

#6 - Bring and Buy


This month, Sunday the 12th of October from 15:00 to 19:00 is the bi-yearly MESSAGE event Bring and Buy. The official invitation can be see here: B&B.pdf

I will be at the B&B with my massage chair, offering massages to anyone interested for a small fee. 10% of what I make will go to support MESSAGE. So come buy and see what's sold and offered at the event and get a massage to ease those tense shoulder and neck muscles. It is a great opportunity to be introduced to seated massage.

When we sit at the computer all day our shoulders and back gets sore and tension headaches are likely to happen. This is due to our working posture. We are often slouching in the chair, jutting our head forward and turning our shoulders inward in order to operate the keyboard and mouse. As consequence our chest muscles are shortened and tense, while the muscles on the back are strained and stretched. Massage can help with these symptoms and help you regain a proper posture as well as ease the pain and normalize the muscles.

There is something you can do yourself as well to avoid problems from emerging. Every hour, get up from the computer and walk around for a bit, rolling your shoulders and stretching your body. A useful stretch is to stand next to a door frame, placing your underarm against it and slowly move forward so you stretch your chest muscles. This will ease some of the strain placed on your back coming from the chronic tense chest muscles. Proper posture in front of the desk is essential and without it you risk severe pains and discomforts.

An article will be posted later today at explaining more about pain caused by computer and desk use.

Anyone booking a massage this month will receive a gift certificate worth 10€ to use at their next appointment or to gift to friends and family.

New articles this past month:

When to get a massage
You should get a massage when you feel like it. For most people that would be rather frequent, but often it is an expense which most can't afford as regularly as desired. To maintain the best health, try and get a massage when you start to notice the symptoms of stress, or when your muscles feel sore. It is best not to wait until you experience muscular pain in your body...
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Why get massages
Many ask why should they get a massage. One would think the answer is obvious. A massage feels good, it is relaxing and nice to be pampered and given full attention for an hour or more. It feels wonderful to have skilled hands address all those sore points and just be able to let go and forget about worries and concerns for a while. But there is more to massage...
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Seated massage (chair massage)
Chair massage is a quick and energizing massage form that is performed while the client is fully clothed. The clients sits on a chair specially designed for comfort and access to the body. Pressure and massage techniques are used to work out the knots and tension which are located in the body. In particular the shoulder, neck and back area are easily accessible for treatment...
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Oriental Massage
Oriental massage takes its inspiration from the Hammams found in Morocco and the other North African countries. The objective of the massage is to stimulate the blood circulation and relax the muscles in depth. This style of massage is often found in the Hammams and will typically last 20 to 30 minutes. The massage is very energetic and profound, urging the body and spirit to let go...
Read more at:

Cheers and happy autumn.

Monday, 1 September 2008

#5 - Rentrée et Massage Assis

Bonjour et bon été à toutes et à tous.

Voila, la rentrée est là et c'est le retour de la routine. Les activités sociales recommencent, le travail est exigeant, les enfants rentrent à l'école et le stress commence à s'infiltrer dans notre vie.

Pourquoi ne pas parer aux effets négatifs d'un emploi du temps chargé par un massage assis? J'ai acheté un chaise de massage, et je suis maintenant en mesure de vous proposer un massage assis chez vous, à votre bureau ou même dans un parc.

Qu'est-que le massage assis?

Le massage assis est un massage bref et énergisant, que vous pouvez recevoir tout en restant vêtu. La personne s'assied sur une chaise conçue spécialement pour un massage confortable. J'emploie les techniques de la pression et du massage afin de localiser les nœuds et les tensions qui sont répandus dans le corps. Particulièrement les épaules, la nuque et le dos.

Le massage dure seulement 15 minutes, pas plus qu'une pause café, et peut être effectué dans n'importe quel lieu. Le séjour ou le bureau, les parcs ou les centres commerciaux, les jardins ou les plages. En privé ou en public, avec ou sans distractions. C'est un massage idéal pour les personnes trop occupées pour un massage complet, ou comme une pause et un soin agréable pendant le travail ou avec des amis.

C'est idéal pour un pique-nique, un groupe de collègues au cours de la pause-déjeuner, ou pendant que les enfants jouent.

Contactez moi pour connaître mes disponibilités et pour plus d'informations, ou visitez:

Un article sera publié plus tard dans le mois, que expliquera plus en détail le massage assis et ses avantages pour la santé, le bien-être et la réduction du stress.

Bonne rentrée.
Merci et à bientôt.


#5 - Rentrée and Seated massages


The rentrée is over us and it's time to get back into the bustling activities of daily life. Social activities start up again, work becomes demanding again, the children are back in school and stress starts to seep into our lives again.

Why not counter the effects of a busy life with a chair massage? I have purchased a massage chair and can now offer seated massages at your home, your office or even at the park.

What is chair massage?

Chair massage is a quick and energizing massage form that is performed while you are fully clothed. You will sit on a chair especially designed for your comfort and I will use pressure and massage techniques to work out those knots and tensions which are located in your body. In particular the shoulder, neck and back area.

The massage only lasts 15 minutes, no more than a coffee-break, and can be performed in any location. From your living room, to the office, parks and malls, the garden, beaches. With or without people and distractions around you. It is an ideal massage form for those too busy for a full massage, or as a break and nice treatment while at work or meeting up with friends.

Ideal for a picnic or pot-luck lunch, a group of co-workers during lunch break, or while having a playgroup or book-swap.

Contact me for available times and further information or visit:

An article will be published later this month, explaining more about chair massage and its benefits to health, well-being and stress-reduction.

New articles this past month:

Why massage the stomach
The stomach is probably the most sensitive area to massage. It is the most unprotected part of our body, and it can be a strong emotional experience to receive a stomach massage. Physically there are many benefits to an abdominal massage. Stress and emotional tensions are stored in the stomach and can cause digestive and other related health problems.

Massage and overweight
Overweight is usually not a problem when giving a massage to a client. The massage therapist is trained to take it into consideration and knows how to deal with what issues might arise.
As with body hair the massage therapist will not be judging or evaluating the looks and attractiveness of the client.

Massage and body hair
Many people are very self-conscious when they first place themselves on a massage table and they are worried about their appearances. Body hair is one of the major concerns I have encountered. It is needless to say that this awareness of themselves and worry how they might be perceived can influence how well they can relax and let go.

More about massage and nudity
Nudity in massage will always be affected by regional customs, culture and laws. While many massages clearly will benefit from full nudity, it is not always possible to do so. The most important aspect is to find and do what the client feels most comfortable with. A massage therapist must always adhere to the wishes of the client.

Friday, 1 August 2008

#4 - Bonne Fêtes

Bonjour et bon été à toutes et à tous.

Pendant août je serai surtout disponible pour les week-ends, car la nounou est en vacances et je m'amuse l'été avec ma fille.

C'est un mois de relaxation et de recharge, donc prenez le temps de vous détendre, de vous asseoir et de vous relaxer en respirant profondément. Sentez le soleil sur le peau et le vent dans les cheveux, et passez quelques moments à apprécier l'instant, à voir tous les aspects positifs de votre environnement. Vous apprécierez la beauté du ciel bleu et les couleurs des fleurs et savourez le moment présent. Vous oublierez les problèmes et les irritations du quotidien pour un peu de temps et dirigerez votre attention seulement sur le positif. C'est un des secrets d'une existence heureuse.

La nouvelle article au français.

Commencer le massage
Le premier contact remplit plusieurs objectifs.
Premièrement il rend le récepteur familier avec les mains et l'énergie du donneur. Il prépare le corps pour le massage et communique qu'il est temps pour les soins et le bien-être. Pour le donneur il sert également un autre objectif. Pendant le premier contact la masseuse ressent les parties du corps qui sont tendues et qui nécessitent davantage d'attention. Il révèle les points où l'énergie est basse, où le client peut être gêné par le toucher et ainsi de suite. Il sert aussi à accorder les deux personnes et à harmoniser leurs énergies pour obtenir le meilleur résultat.

Je vous souhaite de bonnes vacances à toutes et à tous.

Merci et à bientôt.


#4 - Happy Holidays


During August I'll primary be available only during the week-ends since the nounou is on vacation and I'm enjoying the summer with my daughter.

It is a month of relaxation and recharging, so take the time to wind down, sit and relax and breathe deeply. Feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, and spend a few moments appreciating the now, seeing all the positive around you. Enjoy the beauty of a blue sky and blooming flowers and savour the moment. Let go of the worries and annoyances for a short time and only focus on the positive around you. This is one of the secrets to a content life.

New articles this past month:

The importance of touch
Touch is the most important sense we humans have. It is essential to our well-being and health, our perception of ourselves and our growth. Without touch we would wither away and in extreme cases even die. In the 13th century Frederic II carried out an experiment to see how children would develop language when denied human contact. They were fed and washed, but all died. A monk of the time...

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage is becoming an increasingly popular massage form, which more and more spas and beauty salons offer. In its essence it is a massage therapy that uses heated basalt stones as a means to warm the muscles and massaging them. It is an ancient therapy form which was made popular when the massage therapist Mary Nelson introduced a massage technique called "La Stone Therapy".

Massage and the sexual aspect
Nudity and intimate touch are in many places considered sexual. As a consequence massage is often associated with sex which poses a large problem for those giving professional non-erotic massages. In some countries regulations and laws have been passed to ensure the separation. Unfortunately there are still many countries where there is no official regulation, and for the costumers it can be hard...

What to expect from a Massage Créatif
A Massage Créatif is a full body massage, which combines soft strokes with deep massage, as well as stimulates pressure points, employ stretching and massage of the hands, feet and head. The entire body will be massaged during the hour or one and a half hour a massage lasts.
You will come out from the massage feeling relaxed and calm. Tensions have been eased, worries lessened. You will feel...

Fédération Française de Massages-Bien-Être
The FFMBE - Fédération Française de Massages-Bien-Être - is an organisation for massage therapists in France. They set up rules and regulations in order to heighten the quality of massages and to separate proper massages from erotic massages. Their members can call themselves "Praticien(ne) de Massage bien-être" which is a protected title.

Have a great holidays.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

#3 - Bon été à toutes et à tous

Bonjour et bon été à toutes et à tous.

N'oubliez pas prendre quelques moments toutes les heures pour vous étirer et respirez à fond plusieurs fois. C'est une bonne manière de se relaxer et de réduire les tensions et le stress.

Étirez les bras par-dessus la tête en direction du plafond, cambrez le dos et sentez comme les muscles de la poitrine sont étirés. Courbez-vous de chaque côté et étirez les côtés, toujours avec les bras au-dessus de la tête. Finalement, penchez-vous et essayez de toucher les orteils. Répétez plusieurs fois et respirez profondément.C'est une bonne pause rafraîchissante, qui vous donne l'énergie de faire face aux défis du jour.

Avec l'arrivée des vacances c'est l'heure de récupérer et de laisser tous les soucis derrière soi. Quelle meilleure façon pour commencer que de recevoir un bon massage relaxant.

Offre spéciale pour les vacances: 10€ de réduction pour un massage chez moi dans la semaine à 21 juillet de 27 juillet, les deux jours inclus.

Je vous souhaite un bon été à toutes et à tous.

Merci et à bientôt.Pia

#3 - Happy Summer

Greetings, and happy summer.

Don't forget to take a few moments every hour to stretch your entire body and breathe deeply several times. It is a good way to relax and reduce tensions and stresses.
Stretch your arms above your head and reach for the sky, arch your back and feel how the muscles in the chest are stretched. Bend to each side and stretch the sides, still with your arms above your head. Finally bend forward and try to touch your toes. Repeat a few times and take some deep breaths.
It is a good refreshing break which gives you energy to face the challenges of the day.

With the holidays coming it is time to rewind and let go of all the daily troubles. What better way to start than to get a good relaxing massage.

Summer holiday offer:
10€ discount on any massage at my place in the week of 21st to 27th of July, both days included.

New massage and wellness articles this last month:

Massage and nudity
There are certain moral and ethical values which must always be observed during a massage. The client's level of comfort must be respected at all times, nor must a massage turn sexual in any way. A practitioner is obliged to full discretion and can never reveal any personal information about a client.

Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi is the name for Hawaiian massage which primarily uses palms, forearms, knuckles, and elbows, though knees, feet and even sticks and stones can be used as tools. It is a holistic healing tradition which goes beyond simple massage and is almost as old as civilization on the islands. Each family would have their own version of Lomi Lomi and everybody would give and receive.

Massage books review
I've put up a list of my favourite massage and healing books with reviews. They all stand in my bookshelf and they have provided me with information and inspiration during many years.

Californian Massage
Californian massage is a gentle massage technique, which aims to bring a physical and mental balance of the client through soft long strokes that connect the entire body. It is based upon Swedish (classical) massage, but instead of working in sections focusing on muscle groups one step at a time, Californian massage works on the entire body at once, not dividing the body into sections.

Happy reading and wonderful holidays to all.


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

#2 - Fête des pères


Je viens de rentrer de vacances au Danemark, où j'ai eu la chance d'expérimenter un très beau temps d'été, et j'en ai assez des vacances pour le moment.

Cela signifie que je n'ai aucun projet pour l'été et je suis disponible tout les week-ends pour des séances de massage à domicile.

Indépendamment du nombre de massages que je donne, il faut compter 30€ de frais de transport pour une séance à domicile. Pour une meilleure expérience pour tous, je recommande pas plus de trois massages par séance. Comptez 10 minutes de pause entre les deux premiers massages et soit une pause déjeuner, soit une pause d'une demi-heure entre le deuxième et le troisième massage.

Je crée volontiers des huiles de massage spécifiquement pour votre besoins. N'hésitez pas à le demander lorsque vous prenez rendez-vous. Je m'intéresse à l'aromathérapie depuis plus de dix ans et je suis en mesure de créer une huile de massage spécialement pour vous.

Si vous organisez une séance de massage avec deux autres personnes, vous recevrez une huile de massage personnelle gratuite.

Offre spéciale fête des pères: (valide jusqu'au 16 Juin 2008)
Offrez lui un coupon-cadeau de massage pour la fête des pères et réservez le massage plus tard quand il aura du temps (valide jusqu'au 31 Octobre 2008)
Prix exceptionnel pour la fête des pères: 50€ pour un Massage Créatif d'une heure (hors frais de transport) - prix normal: 75€.

Le coupon peut être expédié directement au bénéficiaire, ou à vous si vous le préférez.

N'hésitez pas a me contacter pour plus de détails. Paiement par chèque à l'ordre de Pia Poulsen.
Le coupon sera envoyé à réception du paiement.

Lettres et chèques à envoyer à :
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

Les nouvelles articles:

Créer l'ambiance
L'éclairage, les bougies et la musique jouent un grand rôle quand on établit sa salle de massages.

Décor et salle de massage

Créer un état d'esprit est important lorsque l'on donne un massage. L'environnement a une influence sur nos émotions, c'est la première étape pour créer un bon massage pour son client.

Plus de Massage Créatif
Un Massage Créatif utilise de nombreuses techniques de massage différentes, mais est fondé sur le massage classique (appelé massage suédois), le massage californien et le Shiatsu.

Qu'est-ce que le Massage Créatif
L'objectif du Massage Créatif est de traiter la personne dans son ensemble. Il agit sur les muscles en profondeur quand c'est nécessaire, en calme et caresse d'autres, pendant que le corps entier se relaxe et que l'esprit laisse les problèmes et les soucis du quotidien derrière lui.

Massage et communication
Le toucher est un type de communication tellement essentiel que nous naissons avec un compréhension de son importance, et un besoin et une aspiration profonde à être touché. Les mères portent leurs enfants, pour les calmer et renforcer le lien avec eux. Inconsciemment, nous massons les points douloureux pour soulager maux et tensions. Les amoureux se tiennent les mains et se touchent beaucoup pour montrer leur affection et partager leurs sentiments.

Merci et à bientôt.

#2 - Father's day


I have just returned from a vacation in Denmark where I was lucky enough to experience some wonderful summer weather and get my fill of holidays for the time being.

This means that I don't have any plans for the summer and am available all week-ends for house calls and massage sessions.

My transport fee to come to your home is 30€ independent of how many massages I give.
For the best experience for all, I recommend booking no more than 3 massages for a one day session. Expect a 10 min break between the first two massages and either a lunch break or half hour break between the 2nd and 3rd.

I will gladly mix massage oils specifically for your needs, just state such when you book a massage. I have more than a decade of interest in aromatherapy and can create a massage oil specially for you.

Arrange a massage session with two others and you will receive a personal massage oil for free.

Father's day offer:
(valid until Father's day, 16th of June 2008)
Buy him a massage gift certificate for Fathers day and book the massage later when he has time (valid until Oct 31st 2008).
Special father's price 50€ for one hour Massage Créatif (transport fee not included) - normal price 75€.
The certificate can be posted directly to the recipient or to yourself.

Contact me for details. Payment via cheque issued to: Pia Poulsen.
Once I receive payment I will send the gift certificate.

All letters and cheques sent to:
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

New massage and wellness articles this last month:

Massage and stress:
Massage is a good way to relax and relieve stress, not to mention it provides several other health benefits. Stress causes muscular tension, an impaired digestive system, a high blood pressure, and reduced immune system. It gives trouble with sleep, anxiety, lack of patience and even depression.

Aromatherapy in massage:

In many massages massage oils are used. The oil makes the massage more fluid and reduces the friction against the skin so the work on the muscles becomes deeper and better. The massage oil also nourishes and moisten the skin. Massage oils often use aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy isn't a massage form as such, but rather a tool used with various massage techniques. The therapy can also be used with baths, inhaled, as room fragrance, compresses, skin care, and internally. Though massage is probably the most commonly used method to employ aromatherapy and use essential oils.

Swedish massage:
Swedish Massage, also known as Classical Massage (especially in Scandinavia) or as Massage Therapy (mostly in the US), is the basic massage form that most Western world massage-types are based on.

Thank you and cheers!

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

#1 - Merci à tous et à toutes

Bonjour, voici la première newsletter de Star Keys Massage et Pia Poulsen.

La newsletter sera envoyée une fois par mois. Elle contiendra des nouvelles, des extraits d'articles et des offres spéciales.

Tout d'abord, j'aimerais remercier ceux et celles qui ont témoigné de l'intérêt, qui m'ont soutenue et qui ont reçu des massages l'année passée.

En Janvier j'ai atteint mon objectif et obtenu mon diplôme de Praticienne en Massage Créatif auprès de l'institut Figari, et je porte maintenant le titre de Praticienne en Massage de bien-être. Je suis membre de la FFMBE (Fédération Française de massages-bien-être).

J'ai maintenant fondé une entreprise et crée un site web ( pour mes massages.

Offre spéciale valide jusqu'au 10 Mai - Idéal pour un cadeau à un ami ou un proche :

Pack massage prépayé : 6 massages pour 300€ (prix normal 400€). Valide six mois à partir de la date d'émission.

Coupon-cadeau : 1 massage pour 55€ (prix normal 75€). Coupon valide trois mois à partir de la date d'émission.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus de détails. Paiement par chèque à l'ordre de Pia Poulsen.
Les packs et coupons seront envoyés à réception du paiement.

Lettres et chèques à envoyer à :
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

Merci et à bientôt !

#1 - Thank you all.

Welcome to this first newsletter from Star Keys Massage and Pia Poulsen.

The newsletter will be posted once a month with news, article extracts and special offers.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest, given support and received massages during this last year.

In January I reached my goal and passed my exam at Institut Figari and received my certification in Massage Créatif and can now call myself Praticienne en Massage Créatif and Praticienne en Massage de bien-être since I'm a member of the FFMBE (Fédération Française de massages-bien-être).

I have now set up an enterprise and have created a website at for my massages.

Special offer valid until May 10th - Ideal for a gift to a friend or loved one:

Prepaid massage package: 6 massages for 300€ (normal price 400€). Valid for half a year from issued date.

Gift certificates and vouchers: 1 massage 55€ (normal price 75€). Certificate is valid for 3 months from issued date.

Contact me for details. Payment via cheque issued to my name Pia Poulsen.
Once I receive your cheque I will send you the voucher.

All letters and cheques sent to:
Pia Poulsen
72 rue de Malnoue
93160 Noisy le Grand

Thank you and cheers!